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Keratin Shampoo/conditioner

I absolutely love this product. My hair feels so much better after using it. My orders always arrive on time with no shipment issues. Thank you Jason Makki!

Satisfied, customer

This is the first time using a product of this nature .
I’ve watched dozens of his videos and find him absolutely amazing with his hair transformations
I used the product and was satisfied but unless I’m doing something wrong, I cannot use it on the top of my head where my bangs are
After I put it on and sprayed it I needed to comb my hair occasionally because of the wind
And the top of my forehead has black on it, which was extremely embarrassing
I’m sure it was my error for not knowing how to correctly work with this product
Otherwise, it is a very good solution to cover up a spot where i am I losing my hair

Smooth, sleek and great!

What am amazing deal I got on such a high end product. Hands down best flat iron for ease of use, weight, quick heat, and result. Another winner from Jason.

No competition!

This is the absolute best hair fiber product you will find. I’ve pretty much tried them all. I can’t praise the formulation enough. It has NONE of the issues that often come with hair fibers. It doesn’t get all over the place, doesn’t cake up, and doesn’t transfer to fabric, including a pillowcase (lazy one night and forgot to wash it out at end of day, but no worries. Wow!) Been a fan of Jason’s videos..amazing to see stylists who KNOW how to style men’s hair. And I’m now a proud fan of the products.


Hair strenghtener

This iron is made very well. It is not heavy and easy to handle. I am still getting a feel for it. I used it on the lowest setting for the first try. Thank you


Very pleased with the results of this product it really worked on relaxing my curly hair thank you very much for making it super easy and fast delivery!!!!

The Best hair fibers of the market

Having watched a video on you tube I decided to order extra hair fibers as I wanted to use it for my daughter's wedding. What I have to say is that those extra hair fibers are by far the best compared to others I have used so far. What impressed me most above all is the unique kindness of Mr Makki and his supporting team who did their best to send me the fibers to catch the date of my daughter's wedding and they really made it
.In addition, Mr Makki offered me his professional advice on how to use the product effectively. My barber did not use the advice as i asked him because you know sometimes they take pride in believing that they know better so i asked my son to do the trick and believe me some hours before the wedding he followed the instructions of Jason and he made the miracle. I was a happy fifty year old father standing next to his daughter at the wedding and nobody took notice of what i had done on my head. All this happened thanks to Mr Makki's unique product and his precious advice. I trully thank him and his supporting team for all they did to make a unique day for me special and i recommend people who have to deal with the problem of hair loss use Jason Makki's fibers which are by far the best!! Thank you again for all your support and the huge joy you made me feel on that special day and above all for a product that is sold with your true feelings coming from the deepest of your heart Mr Jason Makki.


Very good product to give it a try for sure !!!

Great Service. Great Product.


Silky hair

Easy to use and my hair feels beautifully silky.

Was skeptical, but it does what I needed it to do.

Jason Makki is awesome !!

You can definitely see that Jason took the time to refine these products to deliver the best experience possible for his clients

Claudia Rodica Zlatarov
Perfect products

Very pleased with the products I'm doing right now another order. Thank u

Smooth and soft hair

We have been using Keratin mask, shampoo & conditioner for the last 6 months. Regular use of these products keeps the hair smooth and soft, free from frizz and dryness.

Positive experience

The product is absolutely useful end worth the price. Satisfied

Alexander Torres


Bivas Tamly


Best products

This is my third time to buy and try keratin straightening the best keratin without any smell when i do it in my hair and also there’s no hair fall , I tried many other products of keratin but jason makki products is the best

Wirklich super

Hätte nicht gedacht dass es so unglaublich gut wirkt. Habe sehr krausige Locken die immer viel Arbeit gemacht haben und selten wirklich gut aussahen. Das Treatment dauerte bei meinen halblangen Haaren leider 7 Stunden, ich war fix und fertig. Hält aber mittlerweile seit 2 Monaten, meine Haare sind komplett glatt und glänzend. Klar wächst der Ansatz wieder raus und ich föhne nach dem Waschen auch immer die Haare glatt. Zudem benutze ich ein Shampoo ohne Sulfate (Bonscure moisture, nur alle 3 Tage!), was das Kerstin nicht so schnell auswäscht. Nicht das beiliegende Shampoo für die regelmäßige Reinigung nutzen, das ist nur als Tiefenreinigung für das Treatment gedacht! Das Kerstin wird mir noch für eine 2. Anwendung reichen. Es riecht zwar etwas komisch, ist aber ohne Formaldehyd, also unschädlich und insgesamt ok. Preis Leistungsverhältnis ist für mich super, empfehle es gerne weiter! 👍

Extra Hair fibers the best cover up

Was very happy that the extra hair fibers covered up thin to very thin spots. Would have preferred no hair spray but that is paramount for adherents

Muhammad Kashif Khaliqi

Hi I received the product on time and I’m really enjoying thank you