Keratin Treatment: All You Need to Know

Keratin Treatment: The hair transformation trend from curly, frizzy, damaged dry hair to an absolute soft, shiny and healthier hair. Find out the most common asked questions about this hair treatment and what to look out for.

What is Keratin?

Keratin is an essential protein for the structure of our skin's hair, nails, and surface layer. This protein helps heal wounds and retain the skin's healthy condition, making the hair strong and less prone to breakage and aiding in strength and nail growth. 

Our body slows down in absorbing and producing vitamins, minerals, and proteins in adulthood which can result in a deficiency. When we lack natural Keratin, there will be discoloration and brittle nails; saggy, dull, and wrinkled skin; hair thinning, breakage, premature aging, graying, frizziness, dryness, and dullness. 


What is is Keratin Treatment?

The beauty industry is one of the major lines to use and integrate Keratin into cosmetics and hair care products.

Some people have testified that Keratin Treatment into hair develops smooth, shiny, straight hair. It is also claimed to make the hair damage-resistant and revives dullness and weakened hair. Although the effects of this treatment may vary to the health, type, volume, and length of the hair, keratin treatment works effectively into the absorption of each hair strand for glossy fuller hair. Curly hair becomes straight, manageable, and easier to style, and tames the frizzy stubborn hair.

Keratin Hair Treatment products are widely available in the market and in salons performed by Professional Hairstylists.


What to expect during the Keratin Treatment procedure?

Keratin Treatments are encouraged to be conducted by Professional Hairstylists as it requires complete attention, proper handling, and care.

First, the hair should be thoroughly washed, dried, and prepared. Then the cream shall be applied step by step and let absorb for a few minutes, followed by blow drying and cautious ironing of thin layers of hair. Depending on the type, health, volume, and length of the hair, the procedure may take a minimum of 1 hour to 4 hours.

After the treatment, Hairstylists often instruct the clients to keep the hair dry or wash it with water only and no shampoo for several days.

It is essential to follow the treatment with Deep Conditioning Hair Mask and Nourishing Hair Products to prolong the result of the keratin treatment. The effect usually lasts for as long as 12 weeks.


Stay undercharged! Here is the cost.

Salons run services for Keratin Treatments done by Professional Hairstylists. They have been a popular demand because of their excellent benefits and results.

The price differs according to the brand and quality of the product used, your location, the salon setting, and the level of expertise of your Hairstylist. It can cost up to $800 and can be found as low as $300.

Home Keratin Treatment Kits can be purchased online, in beauty supply stores, and in pharmacies. The product price range is between $50 - $200. 

This treatment may be easy or difficult for some; however, if you are confident and comfortable, you should carefully follow the product instructions and research before starting the application. This treatment still requires help from someone you trust and patience for the entire process.


Avoid the Possible Risks and Side Effects  

First is to choose your hair products well and test patch the formula to the skin. It is best to talk to your trusted Hairstylist first and listen to their recommendation based on their experience and knowledge.

Keratin Treatments have excellent results and benefits. During the process, keratin protein gets heat-sealed to the hair strands for that shiny, smooth, glossy appearance.

Some Hair Salons may use products for the treatment as many hair softening and straightening products may contain harsh chemicals.

Formaldehyde and Phthalates are the most common chemicals you want to avoid on your Keratin Hair Treatment.

Phthalates can soften and dissolve plastic materials. It can cause hair loss and scalp irritation. Formaldehyde is a colorless gas that creates fumes in contact with heat. It can often lead salon staff and clients at a higher risk of exposure to severe respiratory problems like nose bleeding and lung damage from the excessive inhalation of fumes and chemicals. For that reason, children, pregnant women, and sensitive and vulnerable people should avoid getting Keratin Treatments that have Formaldehyde and Phthalates.


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